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Accomodations near Mátraderecske

Panoráma apartman - Parádsasvár
from 29.63 €/guest/night

Parádsasvár beautiful apartment is located in the center. Two guest rooms, six people comfortably... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Double bed apartment (2 persons)
118.52 €
3 bed apartment (3 persons)
133.33 €
4 bed apartment (4 persons)
162.96 €
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Hotels Parádsasvár - Panoráma apartman 's page

from 36.54 €/guest/night

Our guest at the northern foot of the Matra and Parad Parádsasvár between a forest bordering on 7... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Double room private (2 persons, 1 double bed)
146.15 €
Triple-room (3 persons, 1 double bed, max. 1 additional bed)
219.23 €
4 bed apartment (4 persons, 1 double bed)
292.31 €

Hotels Parád - Hanga Vendégház 's page

from 46.67 €/guest/night

Parádfürdő ancient park opposite the guest house is located in a large parking lot. "A" buildings... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
8 bed apartment (8 persons) 8 *
186.67 €

Hotels Parád - No.1-caffee vendégház 's page

from 17 €/guest/night

In Hungary and the intersection of Beech and mountains between the hilltop fortress at the foot... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
Triple-room (3 persons, max. 1 additional bed)
68 €
4 bed room (4 persons, max. 2 additional bed)
90 €

Hotels Sirok - Csibész Vendégház 's page

from 33.90 €/guest/night

Leisure and relaxation in a cozy hotel 20 km from Eger Sirokban.Felújított farm house 2... More...

Room type No. guest Price for 2 nights
4 bed apartment (4 persons, 2 double bed, max. 4 additional bed) 4 *
135.59 €

Hotels Sirok - Tóbik ház 's page

Muskátlis vendégház - Mátraderecske

Matra Mátraderecske the northern foot of a beautiful little village favored. Clean air,... More...

Hotels Mátraderecske - Muskátlis vendégház 's page

Tercsi "I" Vendégháza - Mátraderecske

The Tercsi Guesthouse can be found on the northen side of the Mátra Mountain, in Mátraderecske,... More...

Hotels Mátraderecske - Tercsi "I" Vendégháza 's page

Elegance, comfort and experience. If you like to treat yourself, loved ones, co-workers a... More...

Hotels Parádsasvár - Kastélyhotel Sasvár Resort 's page

The tastefully designed guest houses in the northern Matra is one of the most beautiful spots,... More...

Hotels Parádsasvár - Au Naturel Mátrai Vendégházak 's page

Dear Visitor SIROK in Hungary's eastern border, extending towards the hills at the edge of the... More...

Hotels Sirok - Vár-Camping 's page

We look forward to is Mary Bodony Guest House, a renovated old farm porch guest house. Matra... More...

Hotels Bodony - Bodonyi Marika Vendégház 's page

Flóra apartman - Parádsasvár

The apartment houses a 150 year old forest edges, stream banks are located. Landscaped,... More...

Hotels Parádsasvár - Flóra apartman 's page

St. Hubertus Panzió - Parádsasvár

The Matra bordered by mountains thousands of meters away from the valley, known for its healing... More...

Hotels Parádsasvár - St. Hubertus Panzió 's page

Erdei Vendégház - Parádsasvár

Parádsavár situated at the northern foot of the Matra beautiful mountain town, the jewel of... More...

Hotels Parádsasvár - Erdei Vendégház 's page

Arany Kakas Fogadó - Pétervására

The inn is located in the center of town, where 120 to 150 seat restaurant with summer terrace.... More...

Hotels Pétervására - Arany Kakas Fogadó 's page

COMPANIES MORE FRIENDS, FAMILIES OFFER! (18 people). 22 km from Eger weep, Recsktől 6 km from... More...

Hotels Sirok - NAGY VENDÉGHÁZ 's page

At the northern foot of Matra, the guesthouses can be found in Parád. It is worth visiting here... More...

Hotels Parád - Kristály Vendégház 's page